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Tea packaging design companies should combine the practicality of tea

Nowadays, tea packaging design companies are more common, because tea is a leisurely product, and some people with taste prefer to taste tea. Therefore, regarding tea packaging design, it is necessary to be exquisite, but this exquisiteness is not the kind of luxury, nor the kind of cliché, but to reflect the taste of tea and people's indifferent mood. Therefore, in terms of design style, we must avoid those vulgar product packaging designs.

When designing tea packaging, tea packaging design companies not only start from the appearance, but also reflect its practicality. Because when people buy tea, they may focus on the beauty and style of the outer packaging, but after buying it home, what they pay attention to is practicality. Because tea needs to be brewed little by little, not all at once. After brewing a little tea, the remaining tea should be packaged well. Tea is dried in the sun. If the packaging is beautiful but not practical, it will not be conducive to the collection of tea. If the packaging does not have the characteristics of collection, it will often cause the tea to resurge, which will cause losses to the industry. Without the characteristics of collection, people will not choose such packaging. If the tea is damaged, consumers will definitely find the merchant to argue, which will indirectly affect the reputation of the design company. In fact, the starting point of tea packaging design should not be beauty, but practicality.

If the tea packaging design company combines the practicality of tea to design, it will be much easier. It can be based on the collection characteristics of tea. Tea cannot be damp, and it is in the form of small packages. It can also be packaged according to the amount of tea brewed at one time. How many grams are packed at a time, so as to take how many grams as a small unit, and how many packages as a large unit, and then design a large package on the outside, which is also convenient for storage. Because when brewing, if the amount is too much, you can only brew a little, but the package has been torn, which is not conducive to collection. Therefore, it is best to brew as much as possible at a time, and the outer packaging of the large unit can reflect the beauty of the packaging. The outer packaging reflects beauty, and the small packaging reflects practicality. This has a sense of hierarchy, which is convenient for people to buy and collect.

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