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What materials should be prepared before making an environmentally friendly product brochure

What materials should be prepared before making an environmentally friendly product brochure? There are still many materials to prepare for this brochure. The first material to be prepared is the pictures of environmentally friendly products. As a brochure, it must contain pictures.

These pictures can be taken by the customer themselves and then provided to the design and production company. Of course, the design and production company can also send special photographers to take pictures for customers. If the customer takes pictures by himself, it may take a lot of time and energy, and the pictures taken may not meet the requirements of high definition. At this time, it is better to let professional photographers take pictures and collect them as much as possible, so that the pictures taken can be more high-definition and can more realistically show the excellent characteristics of this environmentally friendly product.

In addition to preparing pictures and materials, other materials that need to be prepared when making environmentally friendly product brochures are related materials of the products. We all know that these environmentally friendly products must have their own functions, instructions for use, and related parameter information. All of these materials need to be provided, and the more detailed the better. Of course, these materials may not all be used.

When making brochures, some of the most important information in these materials should be displayed. If the brochure itself is very thick and the pages are relatively large, then in order to be able to show the information of this product in more detail, the information of this product can also be fully presented, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the performance and advantages of this product. After preparing these materials, the next step is the production process of this brochure. Before production, it is generally necessary to edit the pictures taken. Of course, editing requires very professional software. In the editing process, the main thing is to adjust the size of the picture and the clarity of the picture so that the picture can present the best visual effect. Next is to process these text materials, such as reasonably arranging these text materials on the page, and using the company's proprietary fonts to replace the original fonts.

The information needed for environmental protection product brochures will be introduced next time. Of course, different customers may have some special information to prepare when making brochures, such as some company qualification information, information about some products that appeared in the company's development process, etc.

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