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Some common sense in making it enterprise brochures

There are some common sense things that must be considered in the process of making it enterprise brochures. This kind of brochure is a very effective way to promote the company. Now many large and medium-sized enterprises are choosing to actively make their own brochures, and even some start-up companies are already making their own brochures. This shows how important brochures are.

There are many issues that need to be considered when making this brochure. For example, you need to consider what kind of paper to use for this brochure. Now it is generally coated paper or cardboard, and sometimes glass paper is also chosen for production. The thickness of the paper of a brochure should be considered. The thickness of the content page is generally more than 128 grams, and the thickness of the cover is preferably considered to be more than 200 grams. In this way, the brochure is more heavy and textured. Here are some common sense knowledge about making this brochure.

The second thing to consider about the it enterprise brochure is the size of the book. As a brochure, there are many sizes. The larger one may be 32-mo, and the smaller one may be only 8-mo. 16-mo and 24-mo are also common. Some customers even use very special book sizes.

There may be folds inside. This new form is also sought after by many customers. Of course, large and small book sizes have their own advantages. If the opening is larger, the content presented inside will be richer. If the book size is smaller, it will be easier to carry and the cost will be lower when mailing. The third common sense issue to consider is the specific way to fold the brochure. The folding method is of course chosen by the customer, or it can be chosen according to the design method. For example, some will choose parallel folding, and some will choose vertical folding. In addition to these two methods, many different methods have evolved. This personalized folding method can better highlight the personality theme of this brochure.

That's basically all the common sense that needs to be considered for IT corporate brochures. Of course, there are other issues that need to be considered, such as the overall design style of the brochure, the arrangement of pictures and texts, and the use of design elements and colors.

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