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How does a website design company flatten its website?

In recent years, it can be said that the website construction industry has become popular. Not only has the demand for the domestic website design industry been increasing, but at the same time, various website design companies have also been established one after another. This is very important for various website design companies. , is an opportunity and a challenge.

How to have its own place in the increasingly competitive website design industry is a question that many website design companies should seriously consider. So, for different website design companies, how can they do a good job in flattening the website?

The flattening of websites is a new direction in website construction today, and it is also the mainstream form of development in the website construction industry. This method of website design is becoming more and more common. Since you are making a flat website, you should design the elements in the website to be interactive. Flattening does not mean directly flattening the previously three-dimensional elements and placing them into the interface. It is similar to the problem that skeuomorphic elements address. It is different, it is necessary to rationalize and flatten the website.

The flattening process used by website design companies in the website production process can greatly improve user performance and make it easier for people to browse and read website information. Flat design is proposed for skeuomorphic design, and it abandons the exaggerated modifications of skeuomorphism. , leaving only the most essential side of the elements, with only simple icons, simple shapes, and rich colors to help build visual hierarchy, and pay more attention to the ease of use of the design.

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